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Widespan Structure System

Long span roof are today widely applied for sport, social, industrial, ecological and other activities. The experience collected in last decades identified structural typologies as space structures, cable structures, membrane structures and new - under tension - efficient materials which combination deals with lightweight structural systems, as the state of art on long span structural design. Many novel projects of long span structures attempt to extend the "state of the art". New forms of construction and design techniques, adopted in actual conceptual design methodology, generate phenomenological uncertainties about any aspect of the possible behavior of the structure under construction service and extreme conditions.


Other factors as human errors, negligence, neglected loadings and/or poor workmanship are most often involved in malfunction, failures and collapses. In order to increase the reliability assessment of wide span structural systems a knowledge based synthetic conceptual design approach is recommended. Theoretical and experimental in scale analysis, combined with a monitoring control of the subsequent performance of the structural system, can calibrate mathematical modelling and evaluate long term sufficiency of design.

  • Stadia
  • Sport halls
  • Olympic swimming pools
  • Ice tracks and skating rinks